The Fall Classic

The middle of October has always been a fun time of year for me. I remember family trips to Fair Park in Dallas for the State Fair. The baseball playoffs are inching toward the World Series. Football season is far enough along to see who strong teams are, but not so far that someone can’t get back into contention. The air is a bit more crisp and the holidays are starting to line up.

I enjoy this time of year in the church because it’s the season when we start game planning for the new year. We look at our leadership team. We talk about our budget. We put the calendar together as best we can. It’s a season for dreaming and scheming that I find energizing.

Of course, there is always a looming question that hangs over us as we try to put our plans into action. Do we have the people and the funding to make this ministry, this program, this event, or this activity happen? Any church’s effectiveness is always dependent on its congregation’s physical and financial support. And as we look to the model of the early church, we can see how the church flourished when its people were actively engaged in its ministry and generous in their financial participation.

In a few weeks, our church will offer estimates for our giving in 2018. These estimates will represent our “pledge” to fulfill the vows we took when we became members of this church: to support the church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. I hope that you will be in intentional prayer in the days and weeks to come about how you will participate in the ministry of our church- how you will pray, how you will be present, how you will offer your financial gifts, how you will serve, and how you will share your faith with others. I pray that God will move in you in the coming weeks and give you opportunities to grow and to experience the blessing of giving ourselves fully to God.

Please keep our church in your prayers in the coming weeks. Help us to hear from God and to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit as we make our plans and put things together for the coming year. I will be praying for you as well.

With love, and joy, serving as your pastor-
John McLarty