The Faculty

OUR FACULTY is composed of dedicated professionals in the field of Early Childhood Education. We encourage each of them to continually hone their skills through workshops, professional development and continuing education classes to further their understanding of child development. We encourage them to be innovative and intuitive in their classrooms. Our teachers mirror the curiosity of their students to allow for student-led exploration and discovery of the world around them.

Every member of our staff is a certified Early Childhood professional. Their qualifications meet the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and exceed those set by the state of Texas.  Our diverse faculty provides a blend of experience and knowledge that brings a richness of creativity to our students.

Office Staff

Director: Michelle Rumfelt

Assistant Director: Connie Yates

Business Director: Lance Richardson


One-Year-Old Teachers

M-F: Amy Hurt and Kristina Glusick


Two-Year-Old Teachers

M-F: Erica Arevalo and Monica Paulin

MWF/TTH: Tiffany Foreman and Kristi Donaldson


Three-Year-Old Teachers

M-F: Beckie Wirmel and Jan Inman
MWF/TTH: Dianna Ashley and Darcas Pena


Four-Year-Old Teachers

M-F: Jackie Grace, Connie Bunton, and Cassie Rutledge

M-F: Jenny Bruner and Brandi Johnson

MWF: Kathy Maxwell and Robin Gray


Five-Year-Old Teacher

M-F: Lacey Orlando


Afternoon Staff

1’s & 2’s: Kristina Glusick and Amy Hurt

3’s: Mary Lee and Haleah Lee

4’s & 5’s: Aubrey Corona, Breanne Press, and Cassie Rutledge


Early Birds Staff

1’s & 2’s: Breanne Press and Amy Hurt

3’s: Dianna Ashley and Jan Inman

4’s: Jackie Grace and Jenny Bruner