Open Door Class

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.

In many ways, the motto of the United Methodist Church sums up our class, because we seek to welcome all seekers and to explore both traditional and non-traditional approaches to understanding and practicing the Christian life and faith journey. Our mission is to be open to and pursue God’s truth wherever it may be found and wherever it may lead us and to try to apply and exhibit that truth in our daily lives.

About our class

Our class includes men and women of all ages, married and single. Some are members of FUMC, others are not. We are an open and diverse group that is serious and committed to sharing in study and growth – yet our class is informal. We are not afraid of differences of opinion, and we care for, support, and encourage each other.

What and how do we study?

Class time is devoted chiefly to round-table discussion of the book or audio / visual media that is providing the topics for discussion. Several members of the class take turns as discussion leaders. Resources the class has used, besides the Bible, include books by Leslie Weatherhead, Paul Tillich, John Shelby Spong, C. S. Lewis, and Elaine Pagels. Video studies we have used include various Bill Moyers videos and various studies from the Living the Questions curriculum line-up. Studies we have done include:

  • John Dominic Crossan’s Video Study: Victory & Peace OR Justice & Peace
  • Marcus Borg’s Meeting Jesus Again For The First Time
  • Jim Wallis’ God’s Politics: A New Vision For Faith & Politics in America
  • Walter Wink’s The Powers That Be: Theology For A New Millennium
  • John Cobb’s Matters of Life and Death

Starting March 26, 2017: Studying Painting the Stars from the Living the Questions series

Where does the Open Door Class meet?

We meet in the Rec. Lobby basement area of the Education Wing in room 2-R.

What time do we meet?

Our class meets from 9:15 to 10:15 each Sunday morning, allowing time for members to attend either the 8:30 or 10:30am Worship Services at FUMC.

Fellowship Activities

Our one major social/fellowship activity is a Super Bowl Party in February. We share a pot luck meal, watch the game on TV, enjoy each other’s company, and elect officers for the new year.

For more information about the Open Door Class, contact Alan Ballard: 940-766-4863.