Dr. Ernest T. Campbell – 1973 Perkins Lecturer

Dr. E Campbell insideOur 1973 Perkins Lecturer was Dr. Ernest T. Campbell, a native of New York City who received a Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary.  He served Presbyterian churches in Portland, Mt. Bethel, Stroudsburg, and York, Pennsylvania.  He also served the Ann Arbor, Michigan church prior to accepting The Riverside Church, New York City, in 1968.

Honorary degrees awarded this lecturer include:

  • Doctor of Literature from Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania; and
  • Doctor of Divinity from Westminister College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Campbell was a frequent speaker on the Protestant Hour and the National Radio Pulpit.  His preaching missions include Alaska in 1956 and Cuba in 1959.  He was a sought after speaker on college campuses and a visiting lecturer in homiletics, Princeton Theological Seminary.

He was the author of Christian Manifesto, Harper and Row, 1970, and the hymn, “A City-Dweller’s Prayer,” September 1971.

1973 Perkins Lecture Theme:

The Church in the Seventies

Morning Lectures – Basic Christian Postures:

  • “The Church and Faith”
  • “The Church and The Third World People”
  • “The Church and Preaching”
  • “The Church and Change”

Evening Lectures – Distinctions Worth Contending For:

  • “Intense, but not Fanatical”
  • “Human, but not Naive”
  • “Moral, but not Moralistic”
  • “Accommodating, but not Capitulating”