Church Directory App

RDS UNITE – a church directory app for smartphones and tablets is now available to download to your portable device. This app allows members to access the same contact information for church members which would be in a printed church directory.

*Please note: You must have an email address on file with the church to access the app.

To install the app on your smartphone or tablet:

  1. Download the RDS UNITE app from your Android Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. After download, open the app and enter the church’s code – 11686.
  3. Tap on “Register Here” and enter your e-mail address (this must be the one we have on file at the church), set a password, then tap “Register.” This will sign you into the app and send you a registration email that will need to be confirmed. Be sure to check your email Spam Folder for the confirmation email if it is not received in your inbox within a few minutes.
  4. Now you’re ready to log in! Open the app and select “Remember Me” to save your credentials. Now enter your email address and password then tap “Sign In.”
  5. Once confirmed there are three main areas you can access: My Family (see and update contact information for yourself and family members), Directory (see contact information for other church members), and Contributions (see your own financial contribution record).
  6. You can update your information and select what information is shared on the church directory for others to see.

If you need further help, please stop by the church office and pick up a printed instruction sheet or contact Don Pellikan at 766-4231.